Sleep Well Rested

  • Client: Barber DME Supply Group
  • Year: 2017
  • Category: Web

It was a massive redesign project, I tells ya. Bigger ’n King Kong Bundy! But these things become a necessity, especially in this age of responsive design.

When promoting niche offerings, such as the products available on Sleep Well Rested, it’s equally important to educate the public on the products as well as providing a simple and direct point of purchase. Absolutely none of this was present on the incarnation that existed before Studio LXXII stepped in.

Sleep Well RestedWhat is going on here? What’s being sold? The unseen product or NFL Hall of Famer Daryl Green?

The mission became obvious: rebuild from the ground up, and refocus the content, with a determination to liven up the presentation.

The material I was presented to work with was a mishmash of text and tables all blending together into an incoherent quagmire. If you expect the public to shove your product up their nose, you better have their trust. And how do you gain said confidence? Through a combination of a focused structure with strong call-outs, as well as vivid colors and illustrative imagery to make the science behind these technologies less intimidating.

Say goodbye to the old, and hello to the new

See it live at: