Plano Balloon Festival

  • Client: Viewpoint Bank
  • Year: 2006
  • Category: Animation

Ballooning sure looks like fun! Though I’m sure that sentiment would change once high in the sky with only a layer of woven wicker standing between me and certain doom.

This piece brought with it the challenge of taking a singular assets, in this case a static postcard, and coming up with a way to animate it. A simple fade transition would have sufficed and satisfied the base needs for the client, but not me!

First-up was creating individual elements for the text bubbles and the hot air balloon, and making a curved path for the later to travel upon. This was the days of tweening, which was a lot like traditional animation. Coding is well enough for most, but I preferred the natural feel of manual adjustment.

And all that too would have been more enough for the client, but again not for me. There was just something about the spiral design of the clouds that just called out for movement. Perhaps it was their spiral design hmmm... So I set about recreating the clouds as vectors, rotating around the center. That part was tricky, but just because something might require a bit of labor is no need to avoid doing it!