LIVE! from Planet Zero

LIVE! from Planet Zero

  • Client: LIVE! from Planet Zero
  • Year: 2009
  • Category: Branding

I know what you’re thinking, but before I slap the level and protractor out of your hand, let me hip you that what’s going on here... It’s NOT suppose to be symmetrical!

Just as the blog LIVE! from Planet Zero is a bit erratic with its slanted, comedic takes on geek culture, the logo too is meant to be off-balanced and a bit skittish, reminiscent of the homegrown posters plastered on the walls of dive bars in late 70s punk New York. True, I wasn’t there myself, but I have seen the photos and watched a rock documentary or two...

Every brand needs an alternate version, often for the purpose of fitting into those nooks and crannies that the full logo cannot. Not to mention that "live from planet zero" is quite the mouthful, especially in this hustle bustle day. I barely had time to write all that!

See it live at: