Forces DME

  • Client: Barber DME Supply Group
  • Year: 2017
  • Category: Web

There are the hard truths that must be addressed on the road to aesthetic accession, and to be frank the old design would have made you sick! Was that too harsh? Well tough! Doctor House was just as unfiltered, and he won five Emmy’s!

Forces DME Original version

Forces DME is the signature site for Barber DME Supply Group, a company that specializes in supplying durable medical supplies to families living on American military bases around the country. Most sites dedicated to durable medical supplies are cold and septic. Go see for yourself, I’ll wait...

Welcome back! I think you’ll agree that all you saw over-and-over was the same blue/white color palette and flavorless layouts that left you just feeling cold and uninterested. For Forces DME, I decided to go heavy on the visuals, with a weathered and muted filter in order to warm the vibe. Don’t just sell people products, sell a quality of life!

Forces DME

AAFES, the administrative body over retailers on Army and Air Force bases worldwide, said it’s the best site they’ve seen for any DME that operates on an American installation. So much so, that they want others to mimic it. But such attempts to date have failed, because the imitators lack my touch. So unless they come to Studio LXXII, I guess they’re just out of luck. Boastful? Maybe, but I’m too proud to be humble!

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