Dallas Cowboys Season Tickets

  • Client: Dallas Cowboys
  • Year: 2006
  • Category: Animation

The Cowboys made it to the playoffs that season. I’m not sayin’ that it was because of this animation, but I’m also not sayin’ that it wasn't…

There’s so much happening, if you blink you might miss it! The stretch-and-squash with the video screen is a technique as old as Tex Avery cartoons. The explosion of stars is more impactful than a fade-in. But the crown jewel was bringing the football player Roy Williams to life.

Dallas Cowboys

In order to give movement to the player, first he needed to be digitally dissected. The photo was imported into Photoshop to make separate layers of the head, torso, and legs. While the head and legs remained static, the torso was converted to an instance for Flash, which allowed me to expand and shrink the torso, repeating the tween on a loop thus simulating breathing.

I didn't lick the envelope, I pushed it!